A small aluminum wave that rises from the wall and covers the fire extinguisher. This is wave, our first solution to make design out of an object that before Kimera had the only aim of being functional. The wave fire extinguisher box integrates perfectly with any project, because its surface can become anything you want: a particular color, a texture, a design, it will be wave that fits your project. Elegant, modern, classic, industrial, the Wave fire extinguisher box will be one with your project.

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White RAL 9003, Red RAL 3020, Dove Grey RAL 1019, Grey RAL 7016, Custom color


Customised graphics, Logo, No customisation

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The following customisations can also be made by contacting a specialist.

386x400x235 1,7 Ø 135 / 200

Design fire extinguisher cabinet in polypropylene, mady by injection moulding production process.
• Cover with soft lines matching with the shape of the wall;
• Solid structure with reinforced wall fixing points;
• Holding ring suitable for any kind of fire extinguisher;
• Screw to fix the cover to the base;
• Plastic material with high resistance to: flammability, water and dust, fuel and lubrificating oil, UV rays, high and low temperatures;
• The cover can be customized to reduce the visual impact of the fire extinguisher in order to match with any location.

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