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Kimera is a brand created by a need: to combine function with beauty, to combine design with essentials. The first two products are designed for an object that is very important for safety but does not always fit perfectly into a design: the fire extinguisher. Wave and Leg are two fire extinguisher holders that perfectly fulfill their function and at the same time make any environment more harmonious.




A small aluminum wave that rises from the wall and covers the fire extinguisher. This is wave, our first solution to make design out of an object that before Kimera had the only aim of being functional. The wave fire extinguisher box integrates perfectly with any project, because its surface can become anything you want: a particular color, a texture, a design, it will be wave that fits your project. Elegant, modern, classic, industrial, the Wave fire extinguisher box will be one with your project.


Design fire extinguisher cabinet in polypropylene.

  • Fit any type of fire extinguisher;
  • Plastic material with high resistance to: flammability, water and dust, fuel and lubrificating oil, UV rays, high and low temperatures.


With a fiery and strong character, Leg is Kimera’s fire extinguisher stand. In your design it becomes a piece of furniture to be integrated with the rest. The Leg fire extinguisher holder is designed to be similar to a designer clothes holder, an object that will get attention and to be admired.


Design fire extinguisher stand in nylon and aluminium

  • Fit any type of fire extinguisher;
  • Extinguisher stabilising arch;


Imagine a beautiful tailor-made dress,created with the finest fabrics and embellished with sartorial details worn with a pair of slippers. Imagine a gourmet dish, prepared by a starred chef using the finest ingredients…served with disposable cutlery. One single detail can ruin a whole project.

This was our starting point for Kimera: a line that revolutionises a world made up of objects conceived exclusively for their functionality within an architectural project. Fire extinguisher cabinets, for example.

Now, thanks to Kimera, fire extinguisher cabinets turn into design objects becoming an integral part of your projects.

Safety, Harmony and Design: these are the 3 different natures characterizing Kimera line, exactly like the mythological creature that inspired its name.


If you already have a project and need a custom quote or would like more information about our products, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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